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Paul de Waal

Wetu Founder & CEO, Cape Town, South Africa

Wetu was founded 10 years ago with the goal of enabling Travel Professionals from around the world the ability to sell Africa more effectively.

It is commonly accepted that the best way to sell travel is by providing potential travellers with inspiring content. Africa had no shortage of amazing content but it was impossible for each travel company to manage the vast volume of content required to do this effectively. Wetu has developed an ecosystem of all Africa’s content and made it available to all travel professionals so that they can promote and sell Africa. Wetu has also developed the sales tools that allow these professionals to get all this amazing content to potential clients and inspire them to book their holiday.

10 years ago when Wetu set out it was impossible for people selling African travel to collect, manage and keep all this content up-to-date and as a result this content was not used in the selling process. 10 years later, thanks to Wetu, Africa ‘s travel content is better organised than any other continent and thus easier for travel professionals around the world to promote and sell the continent.

Having proved the concept in Africa, Wetu is now scaling it’s platform and operations to the rest of the world.

Over and above Wetu Paul sits on the board of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway which is one of Africa’s most popular attractions.

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