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Phumelele “Phumi B” Bohlela

Youth & Woman Township Social Entrepreneur, UGU South Coast, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Founding Director of IYACHICHIMA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE – Township Entrepreneurship & Rural Development, Youth & Women Empowerment, UGU District Young Women Chairperson, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Marketer by profession and a dancer by passion with 8 years corporate global marketing experience and 3 years as self employed. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow: Business & Entrepreneurship (Texas, USA) and the Founding Director of IYACHICHIMA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE made of youth and women focused brands in:

  • EDUCATION: Phindavele Creche NPO
  • HEALTH: Honey B Health & Wellness Spa
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Loxion Biz (Radio Show & Small Business Exhibition Events)

Award-winning Social Entrepreneur, UGU District Young Women’s Chairperson, Top 1000 Young African Leaders in 2017 and Mandela Washington Business & Entrepreneurship Fellow (University of Texas, Austin), Phumi is a University of Pretoria Graduate with a BCom: Communication Management Degree that majored in Communication Management, Marketing Management and Statistics.

After 8 years of global corporate marketing experience in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore, South East Asia and the Middle East, Phumelele left Unilever to start her own social enterprise. She has extensive experience in strategic marketing development, brand development, brand building and retail marketing; with a list of successful product innovations, international brand launches and leading local brand activations.

Her passion for youth and women empowerment led her to full-time self-employment in 2016. Through her marketing-centric business, Iyachichima Social Enterprise, Phumi is on a mission to address social ills that exist in the township and rural environment by creating, implementing and monitoring socio-economic development projects and programs.

Through education, health and entrepreneurship, IYACHICHIMA specializes in building brands, uncorking potential in individuals & companies and empowering communities; pouring its impact to receptive markets. IYACHICHIMA sees itself as a catalyst in creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurial development on the UGU South Coast by connecting youth and women with industry experts, the public sector and private sector.

Based on the Lower South Coast of Durban; Iyachichima’s operations span across the KwaZulu-Natal Province with a vision to stretch and attract tourists and investors beyond South Africa’s national, continental and international boundaries.

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