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Septi M. Bukula

Osiba Management, South Africa

Septi M. Bukula is the founder and director of Osiba Management which specialises in bidding for and hosting international business events and has hosted several international association and religious conferences since 2012 when it hosted its first conference, the 37th International Small Business Congress (ISBC). The Congress led to the establishment, for the first time in the Congress’s 40-year history, of its African chapter, ISBC Africa. All of Osiba Management’s international business events to date, except one, were hosted in Africa for the very first time. Osiba Management which started business as a boutique research firm and continues to offer this service, also uses its research expertise to research and design international conferences from scratch. The size of its conferences has ranged from 180 delegates for the smallest to 1,100 delegates for the largest. Through its experience gained from successfully researching and designing several international conferences, Osiba Management developed its proprietary methodology called the EIFI™ model.

In 2017 Bukula, seeking to use Osiba Management’s international business events to channel a range of business opportunities to SMEs, founded Seeza (See Southern Africa) Tourism SME Network, a national network of some 50 tourism SMEs. Since 2018 business worth close to R4 million has been channelled to SMEs via the Network. Seeza Tourism SME Network has been a partner of World Tourism Market Africa since its inception in 2017.

In 2014 Osiba Management was the overall winner for Gauteng Province and second runner up nationally in the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year (ETEYA) category of South African Tourism’s Lilizela Tourism Awards. The same year Bukula was appointed by South African National Convention Bureau as one of its five inaugural South Africa Business Events Ambassadors. He was also appointed by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to serve on the Local Organising Committee of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s XIV World Forestry Congress held in Durban in September 2015. 

In 2010, Bukula was admitted as an Honorary Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Institute of Business Advisers South Africa (IBASA) “in recognition of outstanding service to micro-small and medium enterprises and to the profession of business advisers in South Africa.”

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