Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing Award

The most influential media and/or marketing contribution to changing the image of Africa.

Eco Africa Digital

Reason 1: Eco Africa Digital: Shaping African Tourism through Outstanding Media & Marketing Leadership Amidst the canvas of Africa's travel, tourism, hospitality, and aviation landscape, a visionary agency has emerged, reshaping the industry through media and marketing prowess. Enter Eco Africa Digital, led by CEO Lizanne du Plessis, an agency that has redefined marketing as a force for positive transformation. With a steadfast commitment spanning over a decade to illuminate Africa's allure and advocate sustainable tourism, Eco Africa Digital epitomizes the essence of media and marketing excellence, positioning the agency as an exemplary contender for the prestigious "Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing Award" at the Africa Tourism Leadership Forum and Awards. 1. Visionary Marketing Leadership: Crafting a Sustainable Tourism Narrative Eco Africa Digital's journey commenced during CEO Lizanne du Plessis's Master's research in Kenya where she bore witness to the profound impacts of tourism on local communities. This experience ignited a vision to harness marketing for catalyzing positive change. From this vision Eco Africa Digital was born driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism. Recognized with a Cum Laude Master's degree and acknowledged as one of South Africa's 100 Brightest Young Minds. Lizanne's unwavering belief in the agency's potential underscores her visionary perspective. Over the years accolades have continued to pour in including recognition at the World Travel Market Awards and Corporate Vision's Corporate Excellence Awards. Lizanne's visionary leadership has illuminated the path for her tourism marketing agency's captivating Eco Africa Digital's journey is marked by exceptional marketing leadership. The agency champions the fusion of curiosity and confidence as a transformative catalyst. This transformation reverberates beyond the agency—it permeates the very fabric of how tourism can leave a positive legacy in the destinations it touches."

Reason 2: Innovative Media Strategies and Collaborative Excellence: Forging Triumph through Teamwork Eco Africa Digital's evolution from a one-person venture to a flourishing agency is a testament to the team's media and marketing acumen. Their adeptness at assembling a diverse team of professionals, united by their passion for authentic experiences, has been instrumental in scripting success stories. At the heart of their accomplishments lies a resolute focus on generating real-world outcomes. With meticulous orchestration, the agency's campaigns yield not just awareness, but also tangible results. Add to this the continued and persistent mindset of improved results, and it is easy to understand why their clients currently easily achieve a 450% return on online marketing investment within a few months. Beyond the numerical achievements lies Eco Africa Digital's commitment to fostering team synergy—an embodiment of their belief that collective effort propels exceptional outcomes. Their ability to synergize varied talents into a harmonious unit has driven not only the agency's growth but has also set a new standard for the industry's collaborative potential. Reason 3:: 3. Agility, Innovation, and Resilience: Navigating Challenges with Foresight\r\nEco Africa Digital's prowess in adaptation and innovation shines amidst a perpetually evolving digital landscape. Rather than retreating in the face of challenges, they embrace them as stepping stones to growth. The COVID-19 pandemic serves as a prime example, with the agency's pivot towards diversification yielding a remarkable 200% increase in turnover. Their innovative spirit isn't confined to crises; it's the compass guiding ongoing evolution. The agency's ability to glean insights from experiences and seamlessly integrate them into strategies is emblematic of their adaptable leadership. This approach translates into an impressive success rate in client retention, as Eco Africa Digital consistently delivers results that evolve over time. Their agile response to challenges and unyielding commitment to continuous learning haven't merely solidified their position; they've set a new paradigm for the industry's adaptability. In Conclusion: Pioneering Africa Tourism Media & Marketing Excellence Eco Africa Digital encapsulates the essence of a media and marketing pioneer, illuminating the path for African tourism. Through their work, they've woven a narrative of campaigns that celebrate Africa's allure while advocating for responsible tourism. Their steadfast dedication, collaborative spirit, and innovative mindset make Eco Africa Digital an exemplary contender for the \Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing Award\" at the Africa Tourism Leadership Forum and Awards. The agency's legacy speaks volumes about the transformative power of media and marketing steering the sector toward a vibrant and sustainable future."

Website - www.ecoafricadigital.co.za

Tanzania Safari Channel

Reason 1: Involving people living with disabilities with tourism, accessibility and challenges facing them in accessing tourism attractions.

Reason 2: Influencing tourism for all people (inclusion).

Reason 3: Sponsoring people with disabilities to tour around the country.

Website - www.tanzaniasafarichannel.go.tz

Kenya Association of Travel Agents

Reason 1: The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) has been instrumental in promoting Kenya as a tourist destination through its various marketing initiatives.

Reason 2: These initiatives have helped to change the image of Africa from one of poverty and disease to one of beauty, culture, and adventure.

Reason 3]: KATA's efforts have also helped to increase tourism revenue in Kenya, which has benefited the local economy.

Website - www.katakenya.org

Travel with Gizel

Reason 1: She’s very innovative and proactive in of angles when it comes to the tourism industry.

Reason 2: I believe acknowledging what she does will inspire her and others to boost the revenue in the tourism sector.

Reason 3: Everything about her travel and tourism business is amazing.

Website - www.parinafrica.com

Northern Cape Tourism Authority

Reason 1: In an effort to transform Africa into a sought-after tourism destination, the Northern Cape is consistently promoting the province and Southern Africa as a safe, sustainable, accessible and desirable travel option. Through the effective implementation of our marketing campaigns and partnerships we aim to attract visitors from core markets in Africa, Europe, the UK, and the USA, ultimately boosting tourism volume and value within the continent.

Reason 2: Through the consistent showcasing the unique and diverse range of iconic tourism experiences - , breathtaking landscapes, to vibrant cultural experiences and historical sites of the Northern Cape and Southern Africa, we do contribute to changing the face of tourism in Africa. Our goal is to position Africa as a must-visit destination for travelers seeking authentic, sustainable, and culturally enriching experiences.\",The NCTA is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the industry by promoting responsible travel practices and supporting local communities. By encouraging visitors to engage with local businesses.

Reason 3: creative artists our rural communities and projects, our aim is to create a positive impact and foster long-term relationships between tourists and the destinations they visit and to bring about economic beneficiation from the tourism value chain to rural communities..".

Website - www.experiencenortherncape.com

Faithooo blog

Reason 1: Delivering of valuable tourism related blog posts such as destination guides to visit various places, tips and hacks on starting a new website, yearly reviews, sharing lessons learnt, travel quotes, words, packing guides, fuelling wanderlust in the seasons you cannot travel and many other valuable blog posts.

Reason 2: Collaboration and partnerships with other travel brands through guest posts, Instagram lives, stories, posts,reels, content on other social media platforms, partnership with brands on the promotion of products and services etc.

Reason 3: Collaboration and Industry Support: To support and promote African tourism, Tourism Update has worked extensively with tourism boards, travel companies, and industry experts. Their collaborations and sponsored projects have promoted networking, knowledge exchange, and team marketing campaigns, all of which have helped to promote Africa as a desirable and exciting vacation destination.

Website - www.faithooo.com.ng

Tourism Update

Reason 1: Destination Spotlights: Tourism Update has featured lesser-known African locations and attractions in its destination spotlights and feature stories. They have broadened travelers' perspectives of Africa beyond the well-known tourist sites by bringing attention to the hidden jewels and distinctive experiences offered across the continent. Their initiatives have helped to broaden the perception of Africa and compel tourists to visit off-the-beaten-path locations.

Reason 2: Industry Insights and News: For news and information about the African tourist sector, turn to tourist Update. They have given a platform for the promotion of encouraging tales and success stories from diverse African places through their thorough coverage of tourist developments, trends, and initiatives. Their commitment to truthful and current reporting has assisted in dispelling myths and highlighting the diversity and potential of African tourism.

Reason 3: Collaboration and Industry Support: To support and promote African tourism, Tourism Update has worked extensively with tourism boards, travel companies, and industry experts. Their collaborations and sponsored projects have promoted networking, knowledge exchange, and team marketing campaigns, all of which have helped to promote Africa as a desirable and exciting vacation destination.

Website - www.tourismupdate.co.za

Business Events Africa

Reason 1: Promotion of Business Tourism through Business Events Africa has been instrumental in promoting the continent as a venue for conferences, meetings, and commercial gatherings. They have highlighted Africa's top-tier conference venues, hospitality infrastructure, and expert event management services through their focused coverage of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) sector. African nations are now seen as capable hosts for international business meetings, replacing the stereotype of the continent as only a destination for leisure travel.

Reason 2: Thought Leadership and Sector Insights Industry thought leaders, professionals, and experts have used Africa as a platform to convey their knowledge. They have improved the knowledge base and professionalism of the African business events industry by publishing papers, interviews, and case studies. Their emphasis on showcasing noteworthy conferences and events has increased awareness of Africa as a location for professional networking and knowledge sharing.

Reason 3: Collaboration and Partnerships: In order to promote African locations for business events, Business Events Africa has aggressively partnered with trade organizations, convention centers, and event planners. Through their collaborations, collaborative marketing initiatives, familiarization tours, and networking events have been made possible, enhancing Africa's position in the market for international business events. They have successfully altered the view of Africa as a developing and competitive location for international conferences and meetings through their cooperative efforts.

Website - www.businesseventsafrica.com

South African Tourism

Reason 1: Marketing initiatives: To promote the variety of attractions and experiences offered in South Africa, South African Tourism has constantly produced effective and unique marketing initiatives. Their ads have successfully drawn attention to the nation's scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, rich cultural history, and adventurous activities, altering public perceptions of Africa as a whole.

Reason 2: Collaboration: To promote tourism in South Africa, South African Tourism actively partnered with foreign travel agencies, tour companies, and media sources. Their collaborations have made it easier to spread uplifting stories about the nation, drawing more travelers and inspiring them to discover more of Africa than just the classic safari hotspots.

Reason 3: Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism: Responsible travel and sustainable tourism practices have been given top priority by South African tourism. They have positioned South Africa as a destination that values environmental protection and socio-economic development by highlighting the significance of conservation, community participation, and ethical tourism experiences.

Website - www.southafrica.net/za/en

Kenya Tourism Board

Reason 1: Branding as a destination: The Kenya Tourism Board has effectively created and promoted a powerful brand for Kenya as a destination. Their marketing campaigns have emphasized the nation's distinctive animals, breathtaking scenery, and illustrious cultural legacy. By refuting myths and presenting Kenya as a secure and alluring location, they have helped to change perceptions of Africa by highlighting the different offerings of the country.

Reason 2: Digital marketing strategies were successfully applied by the Kenya Tourism Board to reach a worldwide audience. They have drawn in potential tourists and encouraged them to visit Kenya with interesting social media marketing, visually appealing material, and virtual reality experiences. Travelers' perceptions of Africa have been significantly altered by their internet presence.

Reason 3: Development of Tourism Infrastructure: The Kenya Tourism Board has made active investments in the creation of tourism infrastructure, including lodging, travel, and visitor facilities. They have increased the whole visitor experience and positioned Kenya as a competitive tourist destination by enhancing accessibility and offering high-quality facilities. Their initiatives have helped to alter the idea that Africa is a difficult or underdeveloped continent.

Website - www.ktb.go.ke

Tanzania Tourism Board

Reason 1: Promoting cultural variety: The Tanzania Tourism Board has worked hard to highlight Africa's rich range of cultures. They have emphasized Tanzania's distinctive customs, languages, music, and arts through their marketing efforts and media plans. By doing this, they have helped to dispel the notion that Africa is a single, homogenous continent and highlighted the diversity of cultures that exist inside its boundaries.

Reason 2: Tanzania is home to some of the most famous wildlife sites in the world, such as Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park. The Tanzania Tourism Board has been instrumental in advancing eco-tourism and conservation strategies in the area. Their initiatives have increased awareness of the need to preserve Africa's natural environments and wildlife, positioning Tanzania as a premier travel destination for ethical and sustainable travel.

Reason 3: Collaboration and Partnerships: To promote tourism in Tanzania, the Tanzania Tourism Board has aggressively partnered with a range of partners, including regional governments, global organizations, and tour operators. They have improved the local economy and job development through developing collaborations, which has provided a platform for knowledge transfer and capacity building. This cooperative strategy has improved Tanzania's reputation while positioning Africa as a continent open to foreign investment and cooperation.

Website - www.tanzaniatouristboard.com

Rwanda Development Board

Reason 1: The Rwanda Development Board has made outstanding efforts in the areas of conservation and ecotourism, especially with regard to the preservation of mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Through their conservation efforts, they have both increased public awareness of the value of protecting endangered species and their ecosystems and produced prospects for sustainable tourism. Through highlighting the continent's dedication to conservation, this has helped to alter the perception of Africa.

Reason 2: Tourism for conferences and events: The Rwanda Development Board has been successful in establishing Rwanda as a top location for such events in Africa. They have drawn business travelers and highlighted Rwanda's progress in infrastructural development and technological growth by hosting significant international conferences and promoting cutting-edge meeting facilities. This has contributed to changing the idea that Africa is just a destination for leisure travel.

Reason 3: Cultural Preservation: The Rwanda Development Board has aggressively promoted and sought to save Rwanda's rich cultural heritage. They have given visitors an immersive cultural experience through programs like the yearly Kwita Izina gorilla naming ritual and the creation of cultural villages. They have helped to alter the perception of Africa as a continent that embraces and celebrates its cultural variety by presenting Rwanda's rich traditions and history.

Website - www.rdb.rw

Business Times Nigeria

Reason 1: Economic Empowerment: By emphasizing economic empowerment and displaying success stories from the continent, Business Times Nigeria has significantly contributed to change the perception of Africa. African business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have made important contributions to their respective industries have been honored through their media coverage. Business Times Nigeria has disproved preconceptions and presented Africa as a vibrant and growing business hub by publicizing these success stories.

Reason 2: Information Dissemination: For both domestic and foreign audiences, Business Times Nigeria has been a trustworthy source of information. Their in-depth reporting on economic, financial, and business news has given important new perspectives on how Africa's environment is fast evolving. They have helped dispel myths and advance a more complex view of the continent by providing timely and reliable information.

Reason 3: Advocacy and Policy Analysis: Business Times Nigeria has taken a leading role in policy analysis and advocacy, tackling important issues pertaining to trade and economic growth in Africa. They have promoted discourse on issues including infrastructure development, investment prospects, and regulatory frameworks through their editorials and opinion pieces. Their initiatives have influenced public discourse and policy choices, resulting in the development of a more optimistic and forward-thinking perception of Africa as a desirable investment location.

Website - www.businesstimesng.com

CNBC Africa

Reason 1: A platform for fair and thorough reporting on African business and economic news has been made available by CNBC Africa. They focus on a variety of industries and success stories that are emerging from the continent rather than the typical themes of poverty and conflict. CNBC Africa has helped to transform the perception of Africa as a continent with untapped potential and opportunity by providing a more thorough and accurate picture of the continent's economic situation.

Reason 2: A leading voice for pan-African viewpoints on business and finance, CNBC Africa has established itself as such. They have covered stories from numerous African nations through their network of journalists spread out over the continent, showing the connection and economic integration taking place inside Africa. CNBC Africa has contested the predominance of Western media narratives and helped to create a more nuanced picture of Africa's economic progress by giving a platform for African voices and opinions.

Reason 3: Events in the industry and thought leadership: CNBC Africa has taken a leading role in planning and reporting conferences and events in the industry all around the continent. By covering occasions like the Africa CEO Forum and the World Economic Forum on Africa, they have promoted dialogue and gathered important stakeholders from diverse industries. These gatherings have given people a venue for networking, knowledge exchange, and presenting examples of successful African businesses. CNBC Africa has helped to promote a positive perception of Africa as a location for business, investment, and collaboration by publicizing these events and offering thorough coverage.

Website - www.cnbcafrica.com

African Travel & Tourism Association

Reason 1: The African Travel and Tourism Association has been a vocal supporter of the continent's travel and tourism sector. They have affected policies that assist sustainable tourism growth, visa facilitation, and infrastructure improvement throughout Africa through their lobbying activities and interactions with legislators. Their advocacy effort has benefited the development of the tourist industry and improved perceptions of Africa as a desirable location for both investment and travel.

Reason 2: Networking events and destination promotion: ATTA has actively marketed African travel destinations through a variety of marketing channels, such as trade exhibitions, roadshows, and networking occasions. Through their efforts, potential buyers and partners from all over the world have been introduced to African suppliers, tour operators, and travel agencies, creating commercial partnerships and elevating Africa as a desirable vacation destination. By promoting Africa's many attractions and fostering industry collaboration, ATTA has played a significant part in transforming how people view the continent through their destination showcases, educational events, and networking opportunities.

Reason 3: Focus on Responsible Tourism: ATTA has given sustainability and responsible tourism practices a lot of attention. They have positioned Africa as a destination that prioritizes ethical tourism and environmental care by encouraging responsible travel experiences, community engagement, and conservation initiatives. By promoting the continent's efforts to preserve its natural and cultural legacy while offering visitors meaningful and unique experiences, their commitment to responsible tourism has helped to change perceptions of Africa.

Website - www.atta.travel

Africa Tourism Association

Reason 1: Promotion of the Destination: The Africa Tourism Association has led the charge in promoting Africa as a top travel destination. They have highlighted the variety of experiences and attractions accessible throughout the continent through their marketing efforts, including wildlife safaris, historical monuments, colorful cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. The association has helped transform the perception of Africa from a continent with little promise for tourism to one that is a must-visit location by showcasing the distinctive selling characteristics of various African countries.

Reason 2: Training and capacity building in the tourist sector have been important contributions made by the Africa tourist Association. To improve the abilities and professionalism of tourism industry experts across the continent, they have arranged conferences, seminars, and training programs. By making investments in human resource development, the association has helped to raise the standard of tourism experiences and services, enhancing Africa's image as a warm and welcoming travel destination.

Reason 3: Collaboration and advocacy: The Africa Tourism Association has been actively promoting policies and programs that encourage the growth of tourism in Africa. To overcome obstacles including visa facilitation, infrastructure development, and marketing tactics, they have worked with governments, tourism boards, and industry stakeholders. Through their advocacy activities, they have contributed to the development of a more favorable environment for tourism, drawing more tourists and altering the view of Africa as a difficult or inhospitable location.

Website - www.africatourismassociation.org