Destination Africa – Lifetime Award

This will be offered to an individual who has made exceptional lifetime contribution in creating positive change in relation to “Destination Africa” beyond the African continent.

Mazibakufa Conservation and Development Trust

Reason 1: Hanani has championed the growth of one Community Trust in the North East District of Botswana called Mazibakufa Conservation and Development Trust where she is actively involved in educating the community on preserving culture and heritage for sustainable growth.

Reason 2: Hanani has also been engaged in thought stimulating conversations as a panelist discussing issues surrounding Green Skills for Youth for a Sustainable World.

Reason 3: Hanani as a Travel Agent has been active in ensuring that Botswana is not only known for its Wildlife but also its diverse culture by promoting and selling ecotourism and cultural tourism products.

Profile - Mazibakufa Conservation and Development Trust

Okavango Community Trust

Reason 1: Okavango Community Trust is the most outstanding Community Based Organisation in Business, with more annual turnover. It also promote human Elephant coexist by operating 2 Elephant Safety buses which assist in transporting school going children and health workers across Elephant corridors to interconnect a stretch of 5 villages with a distance of about 90km.

Reason 2: Okavango Community Trust is the most diversified Community based Organisation with commercial undertakings operating a Mortuary in Seronga Village , a Hardware at Gunotsoga Village, and 2 General Dealers at Beetsha and Gudigwa.

Reason 3: Okavango Community Trust is the one of the best Community based Organisation which promotes Community based tourism, they have established a Cultural village with a Herbarium Lab at Eretsha Village, and a a Selected Service Hotel at Seronga Village.

Website - Okavango Community Trust

Derek Hanekom (Chariperson - SAA)

Reason 1: Derek Hanekom is a former cabinet minister who is currently acting as South African Airways' interim chairman. Leadership in the airline sector: As the Chairman of South African Airways (SAA), Derek Hanekom has shown great leadership in the sector. Under his leadership, SAA has made tremendous progress in presenting Africa as an appealing travel destination for tourists from throughout the world. By upgrading SAA's services, extending routes, and forging partnerships with other airlines, Hanekom's strategic vision and management abilities have contributed to the favorable transformation in the perception of Destination Africa.

Reason 2: Hanekom has demonstrated a significant commitment to sustainability within the aviation industry. He has actively worked to reduce the negative environmental effects of SAA's operations by putting in place a number of measures, including waste reduction plans, fuel efficiency initiatives, and carbon offset projects. Hanekom has made a beneficial impact in Destination Africa by putting sustainability first, making it more eco-friendly and appealing to people who care about the environment.

Reason 3: Promotion of tourism and economic development: Through his work at SAA, Hanekom has significantly contributed to the promotion of tourism and the acceleration of economic development in Africa. Hanekom has contributed to an increase in visitors to various African nations by enhancing flight routes, working with tourism boards, and spending money on marketing campaigns. This has benefited local communities, small businesses, and the continent's economy as a whole.

Profile - Derek Hanekom

Clare Akamamzi (CEO - Rwanda Development Board)

Reason 1: Rwanda's tourism sector is being transformed, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Rwanda Development Board, which is led by Clare Akamanzi. Akamanzi has effectively positioned Rwanda as a top travel destination in Africa through creative techniques like the development of sustainable and community-based tourism. By highlighting Rwanda's distinctive assets and developing a sustainable model for tourist development, her efforts have helped to improve how Destination Africa is perceived.

Reason 2: Protection of wildlife and conservation: Akamanzi has given conservation and protection of wildlife in Rwanda a lot of attention. She has been instrumental in the successful reintroduction of endangered species like mountain gorillas as well as the successful rehabilitation of Rwanda's natural environments. Akamanzi has protected Rwanda's natural legacy by putting conservation first. This has also helped to influence Destination Africa positively by attracting more environment lovers and conservationists.

Reason 3: Impact on the economy and society: Akamanzi's leadership has significantly impacted Rwanda's economy and society. She has boosted money for the nation, opened up job opportunities, and helped local communities by promoting tourism. Additionally, Akamanzi has supported programs that support underprivileged groups and women, promoting inclusivity and social advancement. Her initiatives have improved Rwanda's reputation as a forward-thinking and socially conscious travel destination, furthering the good change connected to Destination Africa.

Website - Rwanda Development Board

Peter Fearnhead (CEO - African Parks Network, South Africa)

Reason 1: Peter Fearnhead has devoted his professional life to promoting conservation and habitat restoration in Africa. He has directed several successful initiatives across the continent as the CEO of African Parks Network, working collaboratively with governments and local communities to preserve and restore national parks and wildlife reserves. Fearnhead's initiatives have restored endangered species, revived ecosystems, and preserved Africa's natural legacy, all of which have aided in the positive change connected with Destination Africa.

Reason 2: Collaboration and capacity development: Fearnhead has played a crucial role in encouraging collaboration and capacity development among African nations. African Parks Network collaborates with regional governments, local communities, and environmental protection groups to strengthen park management and animal protection capabilities. Fearnhead's focus on teamwork and information exchange has given local stakeholders the confidence to participate actively in conservation activities, assuring the long-term viability of protected areas and fostering good change in Destination Africa.

Reason 3: Fearnhead understands the value of conservation for both animals and local communities from the perspective of socioeconomic rewards. African Parks Network has launched projects under his direction that provide nearby people with employment possibilities, access to healthcare, education, and sustainable means of subsistence. Fearnhead has helped to promote a favorable image of Destination Africa as a region where wildlife conservation and socio-economic development go hand in hand by showing how conservation can benefit local inhabitants in concrete ways.

Profile - African Parks Network

Hon Philda Nani Kereng (Minister of Environment and Tourism)

Reason 1: Outstanding leadership in the field of conservation has been shown by the honorable Minister Philda Nani, notably in respect to "Destination Africa." Her relentless efforts to safeguard Namibia's natural riches and advance eco-friendly travel have had a profoundly positive effect. Namibia has developed novel conservation strategies under her leadership, including conservancies and community-based natural resource management. The unique biodiversity of Namibia has been conserved because to these initiatives, which have also given local populations more authority and supported sustainable development.

Reason 2: Promotion of sustainable tourism: Minister Philda Nani has played a key role in highlighting Namibia as an example of sustainable tourism in Africa. Namibia has gained recognition for its eco-friendly policies, conscientious wildlife management, and community involvement as a result of her initiatives. A significant shift in view of "Destination Africa" as a region that values environmental conservation and responsible tourism has been made as a result of Nani's efforts to establish and promote sustainable tourism practices.

Reason 3: Advocate for combating climate change: Minister Philda Nani has been an outspoken supporter of doing so as it relates to "Destination Africa." She has been a key advocate for improving climate resilience and adaptation techniques in Namibia and has actively engaged in international climate change debates. The dedication Nani has shown to combating climate change not only shows her commitment to safeguarding Africa's natural riches but also establishes Namibia as a pioneer in sustainable development. Her actions demonstrate the continent's dedication to reducing climate change and supporting sustainable practices, which contribute to the positive transformation connected with "Destination Africa."

Profile - Minister of Environment and Tourism

Roger Foster (CEO - Fly Airlink)

Reason 1: Roger Foster has significantly contributed to improving aviation connectivity to a number of African places. Under his direction, Airlink has built up a vast network of routes that link African destinations to important worldwide centres. The world and Africa are now more connected, which has encouraged trade, tourism, and cross-cultural interactions. Foster has helped to boost tourism and economic development in Africa by offering practical and dependable air travel options.

Reason 2: Sustainable Operations: Roger Foster has proven his dedication to sustainability as environmental issues have gained importance in the aviation sector. In order to lessen its impact on the environment, Airlink has taken a number of steps, including as purchasing more fuel-efficient aircraft, implementing sustainable business practices, and supporting initiatives to offset carbon emissions. Foster's emphasis on sustainability supports international efforts to slow down global warming and shows his commitment to making a difference that goes beyond self-interest.

Reason 3: Socioeconomic Impact: Roger Foster has helped African communities in their socioeconomic development through the management of Airlink. By generating both direct and indirect job possibilities in the aviation sector, Airlink has helped local economies. Additionally, the improved trade, investment, and tourism in African nations has been enabled by the increased connection made possible by Airlink's large route network. Foster has contributed significantly to the general progress of "Destination Africa" and its international integration by promoting economic growth and enhancing living conditions.

Website - Fly Airlink