Outstanding Tourism Transportation Award

Tourism transport organization providing the highest quality standard of service to travelers and has sustainability environmental credentials. This includes the most reliable and efficient transportation companies serving all destination in Africa including remote tourism destinations in Africa.

Neo Star Car Rentals Pty Ltd

Reason 1: Leading tourism transportation services for car rentals, airport shuttles and tour operations.

Reason 2: Multi award winning service offerings from our employees, who deserve all the credit for going the extra mile for our clients. From our admin at the office all to our drivers on the road ensuring professionalism , safety, and sublime service to all our clients.

Reason 3: Having incorporated woman shuttle driver to keep women clients comfortable and at ease to be driven by our lady. Giving options to our clients knowing that we are transparent, reliable, value for money and trying hardest to not compromise on service.

Website - www.neostar.co.za

Chobe4x4: Botswana

Reason 1: We are now deploying vehicles from Kasane-Botswana to Zambia for the Zambian market.

Reason 2: We have grown our fleet from 1 vehicle in 2020 to 9 vehicles in 2022.

Reason 3: We have started the business with 2 staff and now we have 4 permanently employed and 17 subcontracted staff.

Website - Chobe4x4

Dwayne Tours and Safaris: Botswana

Reason 1: Coordinate African Tourism networking Platforms.

Reason 2: Market Destination Africa in national and International marketing fora.

Reason 3: Empower youth owned businesses". Best Tour Operator at BOTSWANA TRAVEL & TOURISM AWARDS 2022. Coordinate African Tourism networking Platforms Market Destination Africa in national and International marketing forum. Offer excellent service to customers inbound and outbound.

Website - Dwayne Tours and Safaris

SA Airlink

Reason 1: Reliability: When it comes to supplying passengers with air transportation services in Africa, SA Airlink has constantly shown a high level of dependability. They have a proven track record of sticking to flight schedules and reducing delays, so customers can depend on them to get them where they need to go on time.

Reason 2: Service Excellence: SA Airlink places a high priority on giving customers first-rate support. Their employees are knowledgeable, welcoming, and responsive to passengers' demands, resulting in a pleasurable and comfortable journey. They place a high priority on client happiness and go above and above to resolve any issues that may come up while traveling.

Reason 3: Commitment to Sustainability: SA Airlink has made many efforts to reduce their ecological footprint as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability. They have adopted fuel-efficient procedures, made investments in cutting-edge, environmentally friendly aircraft, and actively take part in carbon offset schemes. SA Airlink supports responsible tourism and helps to preserve Africa's natural beauty by placing a high priority on sustainability.

Website - SA Airlink

Peaks Of Africa: South Africa

Reason 1: Peaks of Africa is an expert in offering transportation services to off-the-beaten-path tourist spots in Africa. They are highly knowledgeable and skilled in traversing these areas, guaranteeing travelers looking for uncommon and off-the-beaten-path experiences safe and effective travel.

Reason 2: Peaks of Africa is renowned for providing individualized and specially designed travel experiences. In order to create itineraries that satisfy their needs, they carefully collaborate with visitors to comprehend their preferences and interests. This level of customisation and attention to detail makes for an enjoyable and gratifying journey.

Reason 3: Peaks of Africa exhibits a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the environment. They aggressively promote eco-friendly tourist activities like helping out local communities, taking part in conservation initiatives, and leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Peaks of Africa helps to ensure the long-term preservation of Africa's natural and cultural legacy by emphasizing sustainability.

Website - Peaks Of Africa

South Africa Airways

Reason 1: Wide-Reaching Network: SAA has a wide-ranging network of locations throughout Africa, including off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions. They make regions that would be difficult to visit accessible, fostering the growth of tourism in those areas. Travelers can visit various African landscapes and take in distinctive cultural sites thanks to their thorough itinerary plan.

Reason 2: SAA has long exhibited a strong commitment to both safety and security. They uphold strict international safety standards, making sure that passengers experience security at all times. By placing a high priority on safety, SAA inspires confidence in visitors and distinguishes itself as a dependable mode of transportation for discovering Africa.

Reason 3: Community Engagement: SAA works closely with African local communities to assist a range of environmental and social activities. They work along with neighborhood organizations to advance eco-friendly tourism policies, assist neighborhood development initiatives, and aid in environmental protection. Participation by SAA in neighborhood-based projects indicates their dedication to preserving Africa's natural and cultural heritage as well as the welfare of the local populace.

Website - South Africa Airways

Air Côte d'Ivoire

Reason 1: Service Excellence: Air Cote D'Ivoire is renowned for providing passengers with high-caliber service. They place a high value on client satisfaction and work to make traveling relaxing and pleasurable. Their courteous and well-trained service members go above and beyond to meet clients' demands, assuring a pleasant voyage.

Reason 2: Operational Reliability: Air Cote D'Ivoire has a proven track record of operational reliability. Travelers may trust their services since they keep to strict schedules and reduce aircraft delays. They make it a priority to arrive on time, which guarantees that customers can visit even the most isolated tourist attractions in Africa.

Reason 3: Environmentalism: Air Cote D'Ivoire exhibits a dedication to environmental sustainability. To lessen its carbon impact, they have adopted eco-friendly strategies like buying fuel-efficient airplanes and supporting trash minimization and recycling programs. Air Cote D'Ivoire supports the preservation of Africa's natural resources by placing a high priority on sustainability.

Website - Air Côte D'Ivoire

Fly SAFair

Reason 1: Affordability: Fly Safair is renowned for its inexpensive airfares, which increase the accessibility of flying for a larger spectrum of passengers. By providing affordable fares, they make it possible for more people to travel to and enjoy Africa's numerous places, including isolated tourist destinations that might have otherwise been prohibitively expensive to visit.

Reason 2: Fly Safair has a solid reputation for being on time. They put a high priority on on-time performance and work to reduce flight delays so that customers can depend on them for prompt arrivals and departures. This dependability is essential, especially for passengers who have connecting flights or who have constrained time.

Reason 3: Customer Happiness: Fly Safair places a high priority on customer happiness. They place a high priority on giving passengers a pleasurable travel experience by delivering courteous and knowledgeable service, inviting cabin surroundings, and speedy resolution of client questions and issues. Their dedication to client pleasure helps them maintain their standing as a trustworthy and client-focused transportation provider.

Website - Fly SAFair

Kenya Airways

Reason 1: Kenya Airways has a wealth of knowledge and experience in serving destinations all over Africa. They are aware of the particular needs and difficulties associated with operating in the many African ecosystems, especially isolated tourist sites. They may offer specialized services that are in line with the needs of tourists experiencing Africa thanks to their knowledge.

Reason 2: Comfort in Flight: Kenya Airways places a high priority on traveler comfort. They provide roomy seating, onboard comforts, and entertainment during flight. They go above and above to ensure that passengers have a pleasant and enjoyable trip, especially on lengthy flights.

Reason 3: Environmental responsibility: Kenya Airways is dedicated to protecting the environment and has put in place a number of programs to lessen their carbon footprint. To have as little of an impact on the environment as possible, they have made investments in cutting-edge, fuel-efficient aircraft. Additionally, Kenya Airways works with groups dedicated to conserving Africa's natural heritage and actively supports conservation efforts. By placing an emphasis on environmental sustainability, Kenya Airways supports ethical travel and the protection of Africa's ecosystems.

Website - Kenya Airways

Rwanda Air

Reason 1: Superior Customer Service: Rwanda Air has a reputation for offering superior customer service. Because of their staff members' extensive training, professionalism, and attention to clients' demands, everyone traveling with them will have a positive experience. They place a high priority on client happiness and work hard to deliver services that go above and beyond expectations.

Reason 2: Wide-ranging African Network: Rwanda Air has established a wide-ranging network of locations throughout Africa, including off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions. They enable access to distinctive and lesser-known locations, aiding in the growth of tourism in certain regions. Their thorough itinerary map enables tourists to discover the many African sceneries.

Reason 3: Environmental Stewardship: Rwanda Air is dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship. They have taken steps to lessen their influence on the environment, including as buying fuel-efficient airplanes, implementing green technologies, and taking part in carbon offset schemes. By putting sustainability first, Rwanda Air promotes ethical tourism throughout Africa.

Website - Rwanda Air

Air Morocco

Reason 1: Air Morocco has broad connectivity to several African locations, including isolated tourist areas. They offer simple ways to travel around the continent and give visitors access to a variety of natural, historical, and cultural attractions.

Reason 2: Safety and Reliability: Air Morocco has a solid track record when it comes to both of these factors. They follow strict safety regulations, ensuring the safety of travelers at all times. Their dedication to safety inspires faith in passengers and solidifies Air Morocco as a reliable transportation choice.

Reason 3: Sustainable Operations: Air Morocco has made efforts to run its business in a sustainable manner. They have developed eco-friendly policies, put into practice fuel-saving techniques, and raised employee and passenger knowledge of environmental issues. By putting sustainability first, Air Morocco helps to protect Africa's natural ecosystem.

Website - Air Morocco

Asky Airline

Reason 1: Africa's extensive connection is provided by Asky Airline, which flies to a variety of locations, including far-flung tourist destinations. They enable tourists to easily and safely visit various regions of the continent, fostering the growth of the travel industry in Africa.

Reason 2: Customer-Centric Approach: Customer satisfaction is highly valued by Asky Airline. Excellent customer service, guaranteeing comfort, and attending to passengers' requirements are their top priorities. Their client-centered strategy improves the overall travel experience and forges enduring bonds with customers.

Reason 3: Sustainability Commitment: Asky Airline is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability. They have put policies into place to lessen their influence on the environment, including trash management, community involvement, and operating in a fuel-efficient manner. Asky Airline encourages ethical behavior by placing a focus on sustainability.

Website - Asky Airline

Ethiopian Airways

Reason 1: Ethiopian Airlines is a well-organized hub carrier that leverages its strategically located base in Addis Abeba to reach areas that are expanding and becoming more significant. It primarily focuses on establishing connections between East, South, Central, and West Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America. It also establishes connections between important cities in East and Southern Africa and North, Central, and West Africa.
- East, West, and Southern Africa to North and Central Africa.
- From Sao Paulo, Brazil, to China in particular and Asia in general.

Reason 2: The Ethiopian Airlines Group is dedicated to preserving the environment by addressing negative environmental effects through pollution prevention, waste minimization, resource conservation, and other applicable industry-related environmental protection activities, such as implementing green procurement, route optimization, weight reduction, and safer and proper use and disposal of chemicals.

Reason 3: Due to the excellence of its crew, onboard amenities, and airport service, Ethiopian Airlines has earned the designation of 4-Star Airline. Service ratings are given to both cabin employees and ground staff, and product ratings are given to seats, amenities, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc.

Website - Ethiopian Airways